Manifold Grove Limited

Manifold Grove Limited


Why is it limited? This board is crafted from the cutoff material from other boards. Then we combine those cutoffs with some rare exotic species. Crafted from a Locust Wood handle, Hickory, Purple Heartwood, and trimmed with Black Walnut.


Limited availability.


23"L x 12"W.

    • To be used for dry goods, cured meats, cheese, fruits & vegetables; no raw or freshly cooked meats. Wood is porous and will absorb juices.
    • Wash your board will hot soapy water and dry immediately; no dishwasher.
    • Store the board on its side or hanging, allowing space around it for air to flow.
    • Oil regularly with coconut or food safe board oil or beeswax (do NOT use vegetable oils).
    • Contact us if you would like your board refinished & oiled -- free of charge! Shipping costs may apply.

Jackson Woodcraft is the culmination of two decades of carpentry experience combined with artistic flair.

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