The Chord

The Chord


This board is sure to be the envy of your guests.  It is truly a gorgeous board for serving cheese, meats, and hors d'oeuvres.


23"L x 6"W.

Note:  All boards have a unique coloration and grain pattern. We cannot guarantee resemblance to any photograph as each piece of wood is one of a kind.

    • To be used for dry goods, cured meats, cheese, fruits & vegetables; no raw or freshly cooked meats. Wood is porous and will absorb juices.
    • Wash your board will hot soapy water and dry immediately; no dishwasher.
    • Store the board on its side or hanging, allowing space around it for air to flow.
    • Oil regularly with coconut or food safe board oil or beeswax (do NOT use vegetable oils).
    • Contact us if you would like your board refinished & oiled -- free of charge! Shipping costs may apply.

Jackson Woodcraft is the culmination of two decades of carpentry experience combined with artistic flair.

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